Saturday, April 21, 2018

Phantasm ♥

The Annex | Fantasy Faire | Imitation

Skin: Plastik - Atharia Skin {Izanami} - | Fantasy Faire | Main |

Eyes: Plastik - Vylriann Eyes: Wali (L), Nebulous (R) - | Fantasy Faire  | Main |

Swallow:  Noldor Elf Ears - | Main |

DOUX: Kimberly Hair - Brunettes - | Main |

The Annex: Sorsha Dress - | Fantasy Faire | Main | MP |

Imitation: Dani Pose Pack - | Main Store | MP |

::SAGA:: - Verena Jewel set - Gold - | Kustom9 | Main |

Friday, April 20, 2018

Lip service

Narcisse | Red Light District - April Round |

And we can't stop
And we won't stop
Can't you see it's we who own the night?
Can't you see it's we who 'bout that life?

And we can't stop
And we won't stop
We run things, things don't run we
Don't take nothing from nobody
Yeah, yeah

It's our party we can do what we want
It's our party we can say what we want
It's our party we can love who we want
We can kiss who we want
We can sing what we want

Postmodern Jukebox - Miley Cyrus Cover - Wont Stop

Sooo... It's been a crazy busy week and I have been getting a lot done... and that includes making some collab rounds!  I had the chance to meet up with the super sweetest Melly ever!! It was awesome meeting her and collabing on this... I absolutely cant wait to do another one in the future!

 Narcisse has done it again with her super sexy halter that's out right now at the Red Light District - April Round, the hotness is a need! It comes in 16 single colors, and HUD to change metals and hide parts of the harness, there's also ofc a fatpack version available as well!

For more info on the background and Melly's look please check out her blog Here. Thank you so much Melly, it was a lot of fun! *Hugss*

Narcisse - Marika Harness - | Red Light District | Main Store | MP |

*Comes in 16 single colors and HUD to change metals / hide parts of the harness*

Doux - Heidi Hair - Brunettes - | equal10 | Main Store |

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] - Elemental Stones Shadow -  | Main |

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Pretty Things

The Doll House

Eyes: Avi - Glam - Doll Eyes Fatpack - | The DollHouse | Main |

Eyelashes: Euphoric - So Chic Lashes Series -  | The DollHouse | Mp |

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] - Elemental Stones Shadow - | The DollHouse | Main |

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears - | Main |

Earrings: erratic - hoop earrings - gold - | Main |

Hair: DOUX - Cardi hair - Brunettes - | equal10 | Main |

Lipstick: CATWA Mesh Head {Catya} - Lipstick Applier | Main HUD | - | Main |

Shenanigans! ♥

The DollHouse

What is SLife without some greasy fries, thick country milkshakes, and good friends? It's even better when you have the gorgeous and ever silly Adalynne Romano next to you shoving those delicious potato sticks right up your nose! 

I had such a great time with her and was such a pleasure to meet her. Thank you so much, Adalynne & looking forward to more fun collabs with you! 

               You can checkout all her infos and see her version Here.

Eyes: Avi - Glam - Doll Eyes Fatpack - | The DollHouse | Main |

Eyeshadow: [POUT!] - Elemental Stones Shadow - | The DollHouse | Main |

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears - | Main |

Earrings: erratic - hoop earrings - gold - | Main |

Hair: DOUX - Cardi hair - Brunettes - | equal10 | Main |

Dress: erratic - elsa dress - | equal10 | Main |

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Sing as if no one can hear you"

||COCO|| | { MOOD } at  The DollHouse |

||COCO|| - Claire Skirt - | Main Store | MP |

{Mood} - Suki Top - Yellow - | Main Store | The DollHouse |

Rama - Kathleen Hair - Pale Blondes - | Black Fair | Main Store | MP |

BALACLAVA!! - BOOMBOX - #10 [White] - | Epiphany | Main Store |

[ isuka ] - yokocho backdrop - | Main Store |

Saturday, April 14, 2018

"She must be a mermaid because her mind swims in a depth most would drown in"

Narcisse - Monthly Midnight Madness | Speakeasy - The DollHouse |

It's time for another round of Monthly Midnight Madness!! This is one of 2 outfits that are available in special colors and they are only $199L! However, after sunday... this price goes back to $599L. There's also a gift for the second weekend of the month, make sure you have your group tags!! ♥

Narcisse: Raven Dress  | Main Store | MP |

Speakeasy: Floral Tattoo | The DollHouse | Main Store |

Sintiklia  - Llona Hair - Blacks & Whites  | Black Fair  | Main Store |

Foxcity - Effortless Vol. 1 Pose #04  | Main Store |

Friday, April 13, 2018

Who spiked the tea!?

Justice | Vanilla Bae | Spring Flair

This was a lot of fun with 2 of my fellow gorgeous and amazing bloggers! These ladies are truly inspiring and I look up to them a lot. Rina is in the middle and she is also the gorgeousness who created this fun and rustic feeling scene, you can see her blog Here. Chanty is the beautiful lady at the end... go have a look at her blog Here!

And I'm wearing:

Dress: Justice - Opal Dress - | Main Store | MP |

Boots: Vanilla Bae - Daisy Strappy Boots - | Spring Flair | Main Store | MP |
*Vanilla Bae is a Proud Sponsor of Spring Flair! Along with these adorable boots, there is also a dress and harness that goes with it, also available at the spring flair!

Hair: Clawtooth - Poppy - blondes w roots - | Uber | Main Store |

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

♥ Bettie ♥

Vanilla Bae | Equal10 | Black Fair  - & - Lisa Walker Makeup | Cosmetic Fair |

She loves to love the love you hold
she does it hot but oh so cold

She's got the look, she's got the rage
a digital bitch you cant upstage

Bound and shagged inside her cage
her hair's blacker than Betty Page

Bile - Betty Page

- Details -

Lingerie Set: Vanilla Bae - Lucia 2 Pc Set - | Equal10 | Main Store | MP |
*Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass - 32 Color Fatpack - Materials Option - Interchangeable Colors Hud for fabric, straps, metals.  * Equal10 - Starts April 10th*

Boots: Vanilla Bae - Darenzie OTK Boots - | Black Fair | Main Store | MP |
*Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass - 33 Color Fatpack - Materials Option - Interchangeable Colors Hud for shoe fabric, metals, and soles  *Black Fair: April 6th @ 1PM - April 20th @ 4PM SLT*

Eyeliner: HUWE / Lisa Walker Makeup - Gloss Lipstick & Eyeliner - | Main Store | MP |

Lipstick: Lisa Walker Makeup - Studio Fix Lipstick - #10 - | Cosmetic Fair | Main Store | MP |

Hair: tram - H0327 - Hud A - | Main Store |

Stool with poses: Artis - Angel seat - | Pose Fair | Main Store |
*Pose Fair: April 1st - 30th

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Two can keep a secret if one of us is dead

sYs - The DollHouse - March Round

Why do you smile
Like you have told a secret
Now you're telling lies
'Cause you're the one to keep it
But no one keeps a secret
No one keeps a secret
Why when we do our darkest deeds
Do we tell?
They burn in our brains
Become a living hell
'Cause everyone tells
Everyone tells?

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
'Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead?

Yes, two can keep a secret, if one of us is dead.

- The Details -

Dress: sYs Design - Orsay Dress - | The DollHouse | Main Store |

Hat: sYs - Grimm Hat w Hud - Big Size - | Main Store |

Hair: Sintiklia - Xia - B&W's - | Main Store

Mask: cinphull // Rat King Mask - albino - | Paranoia @ Ironwood Hills | Main Store |

Pose: GingerFish - Black Love - Pose #06 | Main Store |

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Body Candy

Lisa Walker Makeup | Cosmetic Fair - April round - 15th | Narcisse | Black Fair

There's a place downtown,
Where the freaks all come around
It's a hole in the wall, it's a dirty free for all

And they turn me on
When they take it off, when they take it off everybody take it off

There's a place I know if you're looking for a show
Where they go hardcore and there's glitter on the floor

And they turn me on when they take it off
When they take it off everybody take it off

Lose your mind, lose it now
Lose your clothes, in the crowd

We're delirious tear it down
'Til the sun comes back around

- The Details -

Lipstick: Lisa Walker Makeup - Studio Fix Lipstick (Catwa) - | Cosmetic Fair | Main | MP

Collar: Narcisse - Insouciant Collar -  | Black Fair | Main Store |

Hair: Bad Hair Day - Mangata - Black & Whites - | Main Store | MP |

Pose: GingerFish - Voltage Pose Pack #06 - | Pose Fair | Main Store |

Background: %anxiety - algorithim (w/light) | MP | Main Store |

Thursday, April 5, 2018

At the bus stop like it's a runway

Justice | The DollHouse | Vanilla Bae | Shoetopia

Dress me, I'm your mannequin

J'adore Vivienne habillez-moi

Gucci, Fendi et Prada

Vanilla Bae, Justice too

Merde I love them Jimmy Choo


Put it all on me

Don't you want to see these clothes on me

Lady Gaga - Fashion

- The Details -

Jumper: Justice - Zoe Jumpsuit - | The DollHouse | Main Store | MP |

Pumps: Vanilla Bae - Nadia Ankle Strap Heels - | Shoetopia {Apr 2 - 16th} | Main Store | MP |

Hair: #Foxy - Milena - Greyscales | Main Store |

Pose: GingerFish: Bad at Love #06 - | Pose Fair | MP |

Background: Taikou - Nightime Bus Stop Backdrop - | Neo Japan | Main Store |

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Where the music meets the ocean

The Annex

" You can find me where the Music meets the Ocean"

The Delilah Skirt - The Annex - | Main Store | MP |

Hair: #Foxy - Vixen - Blondes | Main Store | MP |

Sim Credit: Angel of Pain

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Half of my heart is in Havana

Lisa Walker Makeup | Justice |

Song: Camilla Cabello - Havana

Lisa Walker Makeup has come out with a couple fresh batches of new skins. I am extremely impressed with how beautiful they are, and not only that but the extra attention to the details she has added in these are really amazing. This is the Sara skin and I am wearing the middle option 'Chocolate'. It also comes in Cappuccino & Hot Coffee. You can grab these skins at both the Main Store as well as the Marketplace.

To get the matching body skins, head over to Studio Exposure.

I thought it paired so nicely with this super sexy Tank Top made by the super talented VaIentine Coy! She also has such amazing attention in her details and the materials are gorgeous!!

***I chose to use this beautiful tank that I loveee lol but I realized after I had finished my photo,  that it will be at the Chapter 4 Event. I am not a supporter of this event for reasons I will not talk about here today. There is no going back so, for this once, I will leave an LM for it as well... However, Justice is an Amazing Brand and I am Proud to blog for it. ***

- The Details -

Skin: Lisa Walker Makeup - Sara Skin - Chocolate - | Main Store | MP |

Body Skin: Studio Exposure - Chocolate - | Main Store |

Eyeshadow: Huwe Makeup / Lisa Walker Makeup - Neon Collection | Main Store |  

Tank top: Justice - Sandy Tank - | Chapter 4 | Main Store | MP |

Pose: Imitation - Yuri Pose Pack #06 - | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Truth - Pollila - Browns - | Main Store |

Earrings: *PerveTTe* - Luxury Earrings [ Gold ] - | Main Store |

Monday, April 2, 2018


Narcisse @ FaMESHed

I love your face
You love the taste
That sugar babe, it melts away
I kiss you when you lick your lips, I kiss you when you lick your lips
You like it wet and so do I, you like it wet and so do I
I know you never waste a drip, I know you never waste a drip
I wonder how it feels sometimes
Must be good to you
Keep me coming, keep me going, keep me coming, keep me going
Keep me humming, keep me moaning, keep me humming, keep me moaning
Don't stop loving 'til the morning, don't stop loving 'til the morning
Don't stop screaming, freaking, blowing
Can you eat my skittles
It's the sweetest in the middle
Pink that's the flavor
Solve the riddle
I'mma lean back
Don't worry its nothing major
Make sure you clean that
That's the only way to get the

Narcisse is at FaMESHed with Chanty! A gorgeous 2-in-1 Body suit with an option to wear as a bodysuit or a top. Comes in 16 single colors and the Fatpack has 8 bonus colors + texture change hud!

- The Details -

Body Suit: Narcisse - Chanty - | FaMESHed | Main Store

Eyeshadow: Lisa Walker Makeup - Delicate Collection - | Main Store |

Pose: K&S - Tasty Candy Pose #01 - | Main Store |

Hair: Tableau Vivant - Long Pigtails - | Main Store |