♥ Fave Sims ♥


This fantastical sim was created by a fellow photographer blogger and his crew and it truly is an 

experience. I liken it to something like Bryn Oh's "Hand" sim only in the way that it gets the visitor

involved. Once you are on the sim, you are given little notecards throughout telling you what

inspired the name, what the name means, poetry that goes along with different scenes. The words you

read as well as the scene are absolutely thought provoking. So if you have a little time on your hands 

and your in the mood to explore this is an Excellent sim to check out. It is also extremely beautiful 

with amazing attention to details. You can tell everything was planned meticulously and with great 

care and love. This sim *IS* Rezzable upon joining the group.


This is a sim that you have to pay to get in I think it was about $1k? It's a bit pricey but it is for a 

reason and I totally understand it. It is one of the most gorgeous sims I have ever been to! I do wish 

you could have rezz rights here, but you never know... maybe someday in the future?!  It is magical, 

coastal, dreamy, and definitely takes you back. If you do visit this sim, you're never going to want to 


Bryn Oh's "Hand" Imersiva
This is the most artistic Sim I have ever visited. Not only is it artistic, but it is a story that unfolds as you follow through it. Each Piece is so intricately detailed by Bryn Oh herself. I am so inspired by her work and I know you will be too! Absolutely a must see sim & not to mention, it's a lot of fun!

A truly unique experience! This interactive sim is bursting at the seams with creativity. A little on the dark side, a lot on the cool side... this sim changes up randomly so it isn't always the same creation as you see. Plan to visit frequently! The artists of this land are extremely talented.~

A Theme Park, abandoned and eerily frozen in time after a nuclear war, sits awaiting. The atmosphere is deliciously haunting while echoing the lost souls of the past, while promising possession to those of the present.