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#Mood.  Sometimes you just really wanna say Fuck it. Sometimes the worlds a shitty place. Fuck it. Sometimes people are assholes. Fuck it. Sometimes you want that pizza or that wine or that vodka. Fuck it. Just Fuck it All. There are a lot of fuck it's swimming in my head at any given time... I'm sure you can relate. Sometimes that's all you can do.. make it light like air, and blow it away. Fuck it.

On the other hand... one of my sweet sisters, Drauxana, happens to be a talented creator. She created this wonderful line with our family of sisters in mind... The Von Munster Collection are crop tops with different sayings on them and they are all equally as awesome as the next. What better way to say Fuck it than with one of these shirts... keep it classy af! ♥

*Edtied: Thankfully a beauty who had went looking for this tutu had let me know she couldn't find it after seeing this post, so when I went to double check, I saw that the store was completely redone. I thought it had all the older stuff as well still too, but it doesn't look like thats the case. I'm sorry about that! I was able to find a beautiful comparable tutu that I have updated my inventory with from AMERIE - which you can find on the MP Here. I've included a quick IW snap below. ♥

L.W. Makeup Artist - Luxury Collection - Available soon at the Main Store | MP |
*lipstick & eyeshadow*

C.U.Next.Tuesday - VM: Cunt crop top - | Main Store | MP

GIZZA: Urban Princess Tutu -   | **DISCONTINUED**  |
*see comparable tutu below*

#Foxy - Royale Hair - Blondes | Main Store |

Yummy - Raining Diamonds bento rings - | Main Store |

Pose: *!R.O!*  - Rawr bento pose - | MP |

AMERIE: Tutu skirt / Black - | MP |