Saturday, September 30, 2017

Because, Yoga

My sweet buddies and I decided to get some yoga in today... I don't know the names of our poses, because it's our first time but I think we did pretty good lmao. I was def drenched in sweat even... or maybe that was slobber from Blue the great dane over there... (Eww lmaoo silly dog -- Thanks a lot!) but we had a lot of fun with our mats lookin fabulous taking in the beautiful scenery of Autumn... able to enjoy before it gets too cold out... because, Yoga!

What's that? You wanna try some yoga too? well you're in luck then, my friends! These are from Lil' Bug Poses for the Gacha Garden Event That starts the 1st of October! Below I will add the poses key, as well as the LM so you can see what other poses you can snag while your there! It comes with 7 commons and 2 rares.

The Details: 

Pose: Lil' Bug Poses - Yoga Time - Pose# 2 @ Gacha Gaurdiens {LM} | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Stealthic - Persephone (Bento Fitted) - Blondes: | Main Store - NEW LM |

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears

Top: Blueberry - Jocelyn knotted top - white

Bottoms: Blueberry - Minerva Joggers - Black

Great Dane (Blue): JIAN - 'dorable danes - Blue Companion Pup (@ The Arcade)
Great Dane (Fawn): JIAN - 'dorable danes - Fawn Wander Pup (@ The Arcade)

Water Bottles: ::ChicaChica:: - Mineral Water

Sim Credit: de*cid*u*ous

                                                  Lil' Bug Poses @ Gacha Gaurdian - October 1st

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Bad Girl

"Choke me, because I said so
Stroke me and feed my ego
I've been a bad girl, don't you know?

(Don't tell me what to do)

Come get it now or never
I'll let you do whatever
I'll be your bad girl here we go

(You're a bad girl)

You know I want a little taste, taste
So let me take you all the way, way
You know you'll never be the same

(You fuckin bad girl!)

One night
You won't forget the rest of your life
So come on over to the wild side
Buckle up, and baby, hold on tight

Miss me, miss me, now you wanna kiss me
We both know that you love me, cause I'm so bad!

Choke me! Because I said so
Stroke me and feed my ego
I've been a bad girl, don't you know?

(Don't tell me what to do)

Come get it now or never
I'll let you do whatever
I'll be your bad girl, here we go...

I've been a bad girl..."

The Details:

Hair: Stealthic - Fatal - Blondes @ Kustom9  | Main Store {New Location!} |

Top: ::Momochuu:: - Nicki Red @ K9

Shorts: Bueno - Sweet shorts - Mat Red @ K9

Heels w/ socks: {sallie} - Velvet heels with socks - red @ Shoetopia

Pose: FoxCity - Play Ball - Fatpack Pose #6 w/ball - | Main Store |

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hello darkness my, old friend...

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow Streets made of cobblestone
Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touch the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw
Ten thousand people, maybe more
People talking without speaking
People writing songs that voices never share
And no one dared
Disturb the sound of silence

So, I've never done the real actual photo shop before and knew it would be difficult to even understand... I usually do light editing with an easy to use photo editor. Now I won't be heavily photoshopping when I blog for items for my sponsors I'll make sure those are in tact and clear as true to what you will get if you purchase yourself... but I am really excited I'll be able to start incorporating PS into my photos now as well! I am learning ya'll, and its actually fun! lol If you're on facebook there's a group that was started by Frankey Swain, and is a community of advanced and non advanced SL Photographers, Bloggers, etc there to give/get help on SL photography should you need wanna check it out! (I will name it below), it's a wealth of info, and if you've never had any help or are in need of help with your pics, you can go there and get it! I am so proud of my blog pic above because it is my first ever pic in photoshop, I am excited to learn more and more but wow it is a lot of info for sure, so many little things to learn, but it looks like once you realize what the little things are, how they work, and what they do... everything else will come into focus and be so much clearer and easier to work with!

Also!!! SHOETOPIA Starts Today!!!! Ahh I can't wait to go check it out and see all the shoes, mountains of shoes... Yes Please! :)   xoxo I hope everyone has an amazing day today!! ♥

The Details:

FB Photography Group: "Photography help tips & tricks sl edition"

Hair: DOUX -  Aphrodite Hair - Blondes

Makeup: DeeTaleZ -

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears

Nails: SlackGirl - Raja - Mesh Nails

Rings: Astralia - Alohomora Rings - Silver

Top: Gabriel -  Top from the 'Down Jacket' available @ Kustom9

Pose with cell phone: The Owl - Call me. Dont call me. Pose Set

Drink cans: kalopsia - Messy Cans

Paper: Mello. Old Paper Scatter - Gacha

Friday, September 22, 2017


Frou Frou The Lingerie Event - {LM} until october 8th

"Say it and forget it
They got you cause you let it
And I ain't mad I'm feeling down down down down
Commit to what you wanted
The one twist of rum and
You've lost your head, your goin' doing down down down down

Just the way that it goes
Just the way that it goes

You've got those vertigo words
Telling me what I deserve
It's all I hear bringin me down down down down
It's like I'm not in the room
I made a prince out of you
Silence got me feeling down down down down

Just the way that it goes
Just the way that it goes
Dont worry all about me
I don't need you at all
Just the way that it goes..."

So while trying to figure out a caption for this photo, which to me - the look, and feel is a little well.. down, I heard this song and I love how it sounds! I haven't heard this song before and I'm a little obsessed with it right now and just felt like it went well with my photo! I love mixing different styles together, lmao. If you haven't heard it, check out the song with the link above and when you get a chance head on over to Frou Frou so you can get 'Down' with the Lingerie! ♥ I'm also excited to add, I was chosen as a Dark Style Fair Blogger and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! Halloween is my favorite time of the year!! Hope you are having a wonderful day! xoxo

The Details:

Lingerie: Osmia - Lace underwear & bra - white. @ Frou Frou Event {LM} | Showroom |

Garter Belt: alaskametro<3 - Josefin Garter - Powder (light pink)

Tattoo: .Façade. - Nightmarish Gaze - | Main Store | MP |

Hair: TuTy's -  Tamara - retro hairstyle in platinum

Necklace: Maitreya - Vintage Collar & Pearls - Ivory

Cigarette: [ kunst ] - Vintage Cigarette Holder

Pose: <K&S> Poses - Next to the wall - Pose # 3

Background: FOXCITY - Photobooth. Glam - Silver & Gold with projector

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Anticipation... for All Hallow's Eve...

Frou Frou Lingerie Event {LM}
Until October 8th

Hope After Harvey Event - Until September 20th {LM}

Anticccccciiiiipation... for beyond the shadow's, and just sitting under the smoke there is All Hallow's Eve . It's almost time for the veil of the worlds to become thin and lift, so that we may once again with ease become closer to our lost loved ones, our deceased, our spirit friends and spirit guides.  -Though, for some of us this veil is almost like a soft doorway letting those slip through, throughout all of the days of the year,- this is the day when it is the thinnest and those less versed... less practiced in the arts of the spiritual heart, that they too may get to expieriance those of the other worlds...

What an exciting time, for communication and celebrations of love and joy. Costumes, makeup, special effects, togetherness, and ah of course the special treats! It is almost here my friends... It's lurking in the darkness... can you feel it coming? can you smell it in the wind? I can & this is my most favorite time of year. I'll wait here in the shadows, Anticipating... for it to appear... for I am not afraid of the beasts that creep just beyond... waiting for All Hallow's Eve and let us also not forget that... The deliciously macabre... Dark Style Fair will be here soon enough, my pretties ♥

The Details: 

Lingerie: Poppy - Chandni - Bra & Panties - Blue Bell @ Frou Frou Event {LM}    | Main Store |

Arm Sleeves: .Façade. - Hope - @ Hope After Harvey Event {LM}-  | MainStore | MP |       

Witch Hat: [Decoy] Sugar Savage Gacha - Witch Hat Black

Hair: Beusy - June - Blondes with Roots

Nails: Slack Girl - Raja Stilleto Nails for Maitreya (Hud)

Pose: <K&S> Poses - Independant Poses #1

Sim Credit: Elysion

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Frou Frou Lingerie Event {LM}
Until October 8th

"You don't have to love me 

You don't even have to like me

But you will respect me

You know why?

Cuz I'm a boss... I'm Bossy"

Tell that man you a boss, 

Make some noise, raise your hand if you a boss

Get some help if you can 'cause he lost it 

Aint no refunds she spent the cash maybe

In your Benz with her friends in the fast lane

Flossing, you say "How much it cost me?

About a million dollars playa, she's bossy"

The Details:

Stockings - .:Avanti:. - Carmita Stockings - Black - @ Frou Frou Event {LM}

Outfit (bra, top, & shorts) - Addams Kristie Bra & Kristie Shirt w shorts & suspenders 

Hair: .Entwined - Lila - Blondes

Cigar: PFC - Cigar & Hud (Found on MP)

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ Hud

Pose: K&S Poses - Katya #3

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Frou Frou Lingerie Event {LM}
until October 8th

"I've seen the world
Done it all
Had my cake now
Diamonds, brilliant
And Bel Air now'

'Will you still love me
When I'm no longer young and beautiful?

Will you still love me
When I got nothing but my aching soul?

I know you will, I know you will
I know that you will

Will you still love me when I'm not longer beautiful?

...I've seen the world, lit it up 
As my stage now

Channeling angels in the new age now...

Will you still love me when I'm no longer beautiful?'"

The Details:

Outfit: Tres Blah - Love Fade - Robe & Panties (Serenity) @ Frou Frou Event {LM}
 | Main Store |

Hair: Truth - Miriam with back whispies - Blondes

Ring/Bracelet piece: Astralia - Alohomora Rings

Nails: Slack Girl - Raja Stilleto Mesh Nails for Maitreya

Necklace: MINIMAL - Knox Necklace - Silver

Eye prop: Fiasco - Spa Cucumber - Gift

Backdrop: Ariskea[Angel] - Skybox - Backstage Rare Gacha

Friday, September 15, 2017

The last drop of summer wine

                                                            Frou Frou Lingerie Event  {LM}
                                                                    Until October 8th

"Strawberries, cherries, and angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things...

--I walked in town on silver spurs that jingled to
A song that I had only sang to just a few
She saw my silver spurs and said let's pass some time
And I will give to you summer wine
ohh, summer wine

Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things
Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time
And I will give to you summer wine
ohh, summer wine

--My eyes grew heavy and my lips they could not speak
I tried to get up but I couldn't find my feet
She reassured me with an unfamiliar line
And then she gave to me more summer wine
ohh, summer wine

Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things
Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time
And I will give to you summer wine
Mmm, summer wine

--When I woke up the sun was shining in my eyes
My silver spurs were gone, my head felt twice its size
She took my silver spurs, a dollar and a dime
And left me cravin' for more summer wine
ohh, summer wine....

"Strawberries, cherries, and an angel's kiss in spring
My summer wine is really made from all these things
Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time
And I will give to you summer wine
Mmm, summer wine"

The Details:

Bra & Panties - Scandalize - Frou. Bra & Panties Set - @ Frou Frou Event {LM} -  | MainStore |

Cardigan: ::Gabriel:: Off shoulder Cardigan - Black  | Main Store |

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ Hud  | Main Store |

Eyes: SU! - Damya Eyes - Onix  | Main Store

Hair: Truth - Lady - W/Style Change Hud - Light Blondes  | Main Store |

Sim Credit: Elysion

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Filled with Thorns

                                                                           Frou Frou Lingerie Event
                                                                             until October 8th  {LM}

"'So it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it's over,
If the high was worth the pain...
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
'Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game

'Cause we're young and we're reckless
We'll take this way too far
It'll leave you breathless
Or with a nasty scar
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
But I've got a blank space baby
And I'll write your name

Cherry lips, crystal skies
I could show you incredible things
Stolen kisses, pretty lies
You're the king baby I'm your Queen
Find out what you want
I'll be that girl for a month
Wait the worst is yet to come, oh no
Screaming, crying, perfect storms
I can make all the tables turn
Rose garden filled with thorns
Keep you second guessing like
"Oh my God, who is she?"
I get drunk on jealousy
But you'll come back each time you leave
'Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream..."

The Details:

Outfit: Asteria - "Jinx" - Bodysuit & Belt - in Lace Navy @ Frou Frou Event {LM} | Main Store |

Hair: .Entwined. - Ariel - Light Blondes

Necklace: Minimal - Falkor Necklace - Silver

Cigarette: [kunst]: 03. Short Cigarette Holder - {Gacha}

Eyes: SU! Damya Eyes - Waxen

Eyeshadow: Izzie's -  Aegyo Sal Applier for Lelutka (with eyebags)

Lips: DeeTaleZ - Lipstick high gloss pack - for Lelutka

Sim Credit: Elysion

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


                                                           .Frou Frou Lingerie Event. until October 8th.

                                                                                 | LandMark |

"Come a little bit closer, before we begin
Lemme tell you how I want it
And exactly what I need
I'm here for one drug
I'm only here for one thing
So come on and tell me
Can you fly like you're free
Cause I need to feel
Yeah, I need to say

I must confess
I'm addicted to this
Shove your kiss straight through my chest
I can't deny, I'd die without this
Make me feel like a god
Music, love and sex
(Adrenalize me)

I crave excess
Turning winto into sweat dripping down my neck
I can't deny, I'd die without this
Make me feel like a god
Adrenaline and sex..."

In This Moment | Adrenalize Me 

The Details:

Chains,Skirt, & Panties: [CerberusXing] Na'Mah's Chains -  (Black/Silver) @ Frou Frou Event {LM}

Piercing - [CX] - Lance Piercing w/dimple & blood Tatt

Arm tape - [CX] - Fighter's Mark - Bloody

Hair: .Entwined. - Ariel - Light Blondes

Nipple Covers - Meva Tudor Nipple Covers (Gacha)

Lipstick: DeeTalez - High Gloss for Lelutka in Deep Red

Eyeshadow: SU! Red Touch Makeup with Scratches (for Lelutka)

Eyes: SU! Damya Eyes - Waxen

Lip Piercing: SU! Medusa Piercing

Headdress: DRD - Dead Religion Headdress - Black

Pose: FOXCITY. - Dominance Bento with Spanker Prop

Backdrop: Isuka - Club Entrance

Monday, September 11, 2017

Good Morning Noms

                                                  Frou Frou Original Lingerie Event {LM}
                                                                Open until October 8th

Ok guys, If you Haven't checked out this round of Frou Frou, get in there!!! There are some seriously sexy pieces, as well as some sexy and cute ones like the one above! It is set in a very posh and luxuriously decorated high end boutique... make a day of it, bring the boyfriends, hubbies, girlfriends, whatever... make em hold ur purse while you model all you can get your hands on!!! Lol! I honestly loved it, it's fun with beautiful pieces... Go check it out, let me know what you think, and more importantly, What did you get from Frou Frou!?!?! ♥

The Details:

Outfit & Food Tray:
*Tentacio* - Good morning 'Gacha' - Pink sweater,panties & tray - @ Frou Frou Event 
 {LM }

Tattoo: .Façade. - Nightmarish Gaze - | Main Store | MP |

Hair: .Entwined. - Electra - Light Blondes

Background: Astralia - Surrealistic Backdrops- Sprinkles

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sleep is but a dream...

                                            The Frou Frou Lingerie Event (Original Mesh)

"She dreams
more often 
than she 
sleeps... but then'

"He kissed her cheek, 
and she knew...

That you could become

for people too..."

The Details:

Corset & Blindfold - Luas - Claudia Corset - @ Frou Frou Event {LM}

Hair: .Entwined. - Chic - Light Blondes

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ Hud

Whip: {Lyrium} 'Whip pose' prop

Pose: [west end] - Breathing Spaces - pose #3

Sim Credit: Whole Wheat

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Frou Frou Lingerie Event

                       FROU FROU Lingerie Event

                                           !!!! Opens Tomorrow { 09/10 - 10/8th} !!!!

Frou Frou Lingerie Event, Opens tomorrow, and is going to be an Amazing Event!!! Be sure to come see for yourself, and get ready for an event that is all about Fabulous, Lucious... Lingerie. Sexy, and Sophisticated, Flowy, or Sheer... as long as it's romantic or sassy and sexy, you're sure to find something that sizzles up your spicy bits and brings on the steam!

The Details:

Lingerie: ::Moon Amore:: Eden Lingerie - Bra & Panty - @ The Frou Frou Event     

HeadPiece: Voluptous Virtualis - Rye - Halo

Collar: Voluptous Virtualis - Rye - Collar

Hair: Entwined - Lila - Roots

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ Hud

Horns: Voluptous Virtualis - Glossy Horns - A

Snake: Hope - Caramel 

Pose: [west end ] Poses - Breathing Space - Laying Pose #1

Backdrop: /anxiety/ - 21             


Friday, September 8, 2017

Papercup Heart

"'Pour yourself into my little papercup heart

so that my emptiness may find some meaning'

because my scars remind me of where I've been 

but your scars remind me of just how perfect you really are."

~jennifer elizabeth & r.m. drake  

The Details: 

Pose: Lil'Bug Poses - Lift me up Pose @ The Avenue Event {Starts Sept 1st) | Main Store | MP |

Tattoo: .Façade. - Nightmarish Gaze | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Stealthic - Paradox - Blondes

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/Hud | Main Store |

Top: SEUL - Shoulder sport bralett - Nude

Pants: Tetra - Skinny zip capris - White

Sim Credit: Deciduous

Special Thanks to my friend, Lucius Ashfield for being super patient as always & posing with me.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sparks so pretty

He has little 
innocent demons 
inside his eyes, 
and they recklessly
play with matches.

--i've never seen sparks so pretty.

The Details:

Pose: Lil'Bug Poses - SweetKiss Pose - @ Spotlight Event {Aug 1 - 15th} | Main Store | MP |
Top: Kitja - Ginger Top - Mint - {Kustom9 August Round}
Shorts: .:villena:. - Split Denim Shorts - Light Blue {Kustom9 August Round}
Hair: .Entwined. - Becky - Blondes {Uber August}

Special Thanks to my friend, Lucius Ashfield for posing with me!

Sim Credit: Deciduous

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hope After Harvey - Relief Fund Event -

Hope After Harvey - Relief Fund Event -

What you can do to help!

100% of all proceeds from this Event will be donated to the Red Cross Disaster Fund & the ASPCA to help both people AND animals in the Texas areas that were affected by this devistating hurricane.
Check the sim out, snag some cool new items, and/or visit the sim's donation button that is displayed right in the landing area if you'd like to give your support!

The Details: Hope After Harvey Event {Here}

Tattoo: .Façade. - Hope (Sleeves Tattoo) - @ Hope After Harvey Event  | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Entwined. - Electra - Fatpack

Dress & hair accessory: Azule - Mimosa dress - Amethyst - @ Hope After Harvey Event

Texas Sign: *PO* - Heart of Texas [Neon Sign] - @ Hope After Harvey Event

Choker: Izzie's - Mood Stone Velvet Choker - Silver (w/Hud)

Pose: Delicate Poses - Kawaii High Pose #3

Backdrop: FOXCITY - Photo Booth - A Fool's Paradise

Friday, September 1, 2017

Timeless Dress & Special Family Wedding moments... with venue review... { Maid of Honor's point of view}!

                                              **Warning this is a long post ahead! haha**

So, My Sister from a seperate time got married to my Brother of my current family, the other day and I was honored to be her Maid of Honor♥
I couldn't be happier for them, as well as the rest of our Fams because they truly make an amazing - awesome couple. I loved this dress as soon as I saw Narcisse post it on FB for the Trunk Show. And I knew right away that I just had to blog it especially when I realized this was the one that my sister wanted us to wear. The one I am wearing is in 'New Gold' but all of the colors are absolutely stunning, as you can see from my sister's who are wearing the same dress in Black. This dress is one of those beautiful, timeless, classic pieces that is so versatile and can be worn for many different occassions. I know it will get lots of use!

However, Instead of just posting about my own dress and how much I love it... I wanted to share the love and Blog about The Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party & Give a review on the wedding venue itsself As well!

The wedding venue itsself was nice... {you can check it out here: 'Aisle Be With You' Weddings} The Bride & Groom used the skyline venue. Which was perfect for them and honestly it was such a quick wedding because all of our time differences, and vacations etc... it had to be sooner rather than later. The company took care of everything.. all of the fine details, the wonderful owner - Jenny Love helped keep our crazy group on track, and let us know exactly what, where, when, how we were doing. Very professional, Nice, Organized, had everything ready and was exactly what was needed to make this a very smoothless and seemless wedding. It was worth it and kept stress down to a bare minimum for the bride... which we all know is an essential part in wedding planning!!! ♥


The Details: (see below for extra details on some of the others!)

Dress: Narcisse - Cora Gown - in color: New Gold @ The Trunk Show Event | Narcisse: Main Store |
Pose: Fox City - SL14BDay Cake Poses - Front Cover Pose - {Gift} @ Collabor8 - SL Bday Round-
Hair: *EMO-tions - Petra w/ flowers addon - Blondes. @ The Trunk Show Event
Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears
choker: Yummy - Celestial Charm Choker - Silver
accessory: [Kunst] - vintage cigarette holder

Sim Credit: Winter Moon


Ok, now enough about myself and the venue... Let's get to meeting everybody! Here is the wedding party!

The Beautiful Bride - Beth Ann

Bridal Gown: Nerido - Emma Lace Dress - White
Bridal Hair: EMO-Tions - Roberta - Black/Whites
Bridal Bouquet: SM - Bridal Bouquet

The Vows Ceremony:

The First Kiss After Vows (Highmuk & Beth)

The Bridal Party: (from left to right)

Erin Von Munster, Beth Von Munster, Myself, & Bella.

Erins Hair: Magika - Beans with Bow - [Hud01]
Brides Hair:
My Hair & Bella's Hair: EMO-tions - Petra with flowers - @Trunkshow (link above under details)
Bridesmaid's Bouquets: SM: Bridesmaid Bouquet Lily & Roses {Yellow v2}

                                              ("Aisle Be With You" Weddings -  The Skyline Venue)

The Grooms Party: (I wasnt allowed in the grooms quarters as I was on the bride's side, but I was able to  snap a quick pic of everyone during the ceremony!)
Grooms side (from left to right):
Junie (Katara/Douchenheimer-Corn lol)Von Munster - with baby Lucca -, Wiccanrose (Douchenheimer-Corn's) Von Munster, Cuna Von Lanfall (Von Munster)

                                        (photo courtesy of: Junie dawn douchenheimer-corn (von munster) from FB; 
                                          Groom & "Best Man" Photo - Reflections)


All in all - it was a beautiful ceremony, shared with lots of love, laughter, and silly times with our Imperfectly Perfect Family all together... and once again,

            ♥ CONGRATULATIONS to Mr & MRS. Highmuk & Beth Von Munster!!! ♥