♥ About Me ♥

A little info about Moi-self:  I'm a Gemini so sometimes Im quiet and shy while others I am talkative and outgoing... I suppose it just depends on the situation I am in or how I'm feeling any given moment. I seriously have a passion for all arts... and love to get my creative juices flowing. Being in the *Zone* is the best place to be! I truly try to see the beauty in everything... and honestly I am particularly fond of the creepier and darker side of art... but I also love the sweet romantic side as well... maybe this is where my avi name Hunnie Von Munster comes into play, within how my avi looks as well as the photo's I create. I also like to explore real life societal issues, really anything can inspire me!

I also have a ridiculously huge compassionate, nurturing personality and I feel driven to help people in anyway I can. I feel like there is enough hate and negativity in the world. I've gone long times in my life living far apart from  my family growing up,  so my friends became my family...
I know what it's like to feel alone, and I never want anyone else to feel that way.

One thing that I love about being a blogger is to know I could be bringing my reader some information, some art, showing them a brand or product that they themselves fall in love with & hopefully make them smile. In addition, on the flip side...  I get to help wonderful designers and creators spread the word about how awesome their products are. I love being able to show my support to amazing people no matter who they are! <3

I am getting a little talky now so I'll say ta-ta for now! But remember, if you see me in world... Please take a moment to say hi! I am super friendly and I love meeting new people. Feel free to add me even if you so wish! (hunnievonmunster)

What I wear Everyday: Since it doesn't make sense to post in every blog the things I wear daily, I'll just slap a list up here for those who are curious. I will update as I make any changes.

Head: LAQ or Lelutka
Body/Feet: Maitreya currently - though I do own and love belleza as well
Hands: Maitreya
Skins: LAQ - Glam Affair
Ears: Swallow