Timeless Dress & Special Family Wedding moments... with venue review... { Maid of Honor's point of view}!

                                              **Warning this is a long post ahead! haha**

So, My Sister from a seperate time got married to my Brother of my current family, the other day and I was honored to be her Maid of Honor♥
I couldn't be happier for them, as well as the rest of our Fams because they truly make an amazing - awesome couple. I loved this dress as soon as I saw Narcisse post it on FB for the Trunk Show. And I knew right away that I just had to blog it especially when I realized this was the one that my sister wanted us to wear. The one I am wearing is in 'New Gold' but all of the colors are absolutely stunning, as you can see from my sister's who are wearing the same dress in Black. This dress is one of those beautiful, timeless, classic pieces that is so versatile and can be worn for many different occassions. I know it will get lots of use!

However, Instead of just posting about my own dress and how much I love it... I wanted to share the love and Blog about The Bride, Groom, and Wedding Party & Give a review on the wedding venue itsself As well!

The wedding venue itsself was nice... {you can check it out here: 'Aisle Be With You' Weddings} The Bride & Groom used the skyline venue. Which was perfect for them and honestly it was such a quick wedding because all of our time differences, and vacations etc... it had to be sooner rather than later. The company took care of everything.. all of the fine details, the wonderful owner - Jenny Love helped keep our crazy group on track, and let us know exactly what, where, when, how we were doing. Very professional, Nice, Organized, had everything ready and was exactly what was needed to make this a very smoothless and seemless wedding. It was worth it and kept stress down to a bare minimum for the bride... which we all know is an essential part in wedding planning!!! ♥


The Details: (see below for extra details on some of the others!)

Dress: Narcisse - Cora Gown - in color: New Gold @ The Trunk Show Event | Narcisse: Main Store |
Pose: Fox City - SL14BDay Cake Poses - Front Cover Pose - {Gift} @ Collabor8 - SL Bday Round-
Hair: *EMO-tions - Petra w/ flowers addon - Blondes. @ The Trunk Show Event
Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears
choker: Yummy - Celestial Charm Choker - Silver
accessory: [Kunst] - vintage cigarette holder

Sim Credit: Winter Moon


Ok, now enough about myself and the venue... Let's get to meeting everybody! Here is the wedding party!

The Beautiful Bride - Beth Ann

Bridal Gown: Nerido - Emma Lace Dress - White
Bridal Hair: EMO-Tions - Roberta - Black/Whites
Bridal Bouquet: SM - Bridal Bouquet

The Vows Ceremony:

The First Kiss After Vows (Highmuk & Beth)

The Bridal Party: (from left to right)

Erin Von Munster, Beth Von Munster, Myself, & Bella.

Erins Hair: Magika - Beans with Bow - [Hud01]
Brides Hair:
My Hair & Bella's Hair: EMO-tions - Petra with flowers - @Trunkshow (link above under details)
Bridesmaid's Bouquets: SM: Bridesmaid Bouquet Lily & Roses {Yellow v2}

                                              ("Aisle Be With You" Weddings -  The Skyline Venue)

The Grooms Party: (I wasnt allowed in the grooms quarters as I was on the bride's side, but I was able to  snap a quick pic of everyone during the ceremony!)
Grooms side (from left to right):
Junie (Katara/Douchenheimer-Corn lol)Von Munster - with baby Lucca -, Wiccanrose (Douchenheimer-Corn's) Von Munster, Cuna Von Lanfall (Von Munster)

                                        (photo courtesy of: Junie dawn douchenheimer-corn (von munster) from FB; 
                                          Groom & "Best Man" Photo - Reflections)


All in all - it was a beautiful ceremony, shared with lots of love, laughter, and silly times with our Imperfectly Perfect Family all together... and once again,

            ♥ CONGRATULATIONS to Mr & MRS. Highmuk & Beth Von Munster!!! ♥