Frou Frou Lingerie Event {LM}
Until October 8th

"You don't have to love me 

You don't even have to like me

But you will respect me

You know why?

Cuz I'm a boss... I'm Bossy"

Tell that man you a boss, 

Make some noise, raise your hand if you a boss

Get some help if you can 'cause he lost it 

Aint no refunds she spent the cash maybe

In your Benz with her friends in the fast lane

Flossing, you say "How much it cost me?

About a million dollars playa, she's bossy"

The Details:

Stockings - .:Avanti:. - Carmita Stockings - Black - @ Frou Frou Event {LM}

Outfit (bra, top, & shorts) - Addams Kristie Bra & Kristie Shirt w shorts & suspenders 

Hair: .Entwined - Lila - Blondes

Cigar: PFC - Cigar & Hud (Found on MP)

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ Hud

Pose: K&S Poses - Katya #3