"While I thought that I was learning how to live... I have been learning how to die"

Lisa Walker Makeup - Olympo Event - Oct. 10th

It really feels like forever since I have been here. It feels really good too. I honestly wasn't sure if I would be able to even be back. I had to take a break because, though my hand had been in pain for awhile I was able to deal with it... until suddenly I wasn't even barely able to even hold a pencil, let alone work on any photos. I had a lump in my hand and I was honestly scared of that. I thought for sure that was what was causing the pain and I just knew I had cancer. Luckily I don't. It's just a fluid filled cyst that may end up going away on its own (eww that sounds gross! lol Its NOT visible!! I can just feel it hahaha). What was causing the pain though is Carpal Tunnel. I need to be careful now so as not to make it worse... If you are blogging or editing or typing a lot be careful!! Hold Your Wrist Straight!! This was my mistake. I held my wrist at awkward angles as I worked on my blog photos/blogs. Iyyy. Now it's reallly bad.  I do have a wrist brace now though so hopefully that will help make it better and I wont need surgery. But if I do... I really hope it will take care of it so I wont really have to deal with this anymore! My Amazing Sponsors have all been extremely patient and understanding and I can never Thank them enough. Not only do my sponsor's have amazing creations for you to purchase... but every individual that makes up their team ie: The creator, the blogger manager, managers etc. are truly very wonderful & caring people.

But, I am excited to be back!! Please be patient with me as I learn how to work with my hand like this... I have missed this way more than I can explain and I am gonna figure it out! MWUAHHSS!

I am also super excited that Halloween time is in the air!!! One of my most favorite times.... especially for art! I only thought it fitting to start my blog back up with this skeleton mask by Lisa Walker. It also includes black demon eyes that I am not wearing here. I love it all, the details are just gorgeous and she is so talented!

Lisa Walker Makeup: Face Mask - Catwa & Omega - (Also comes with black eyes - not used here)

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