Ciao, F#*k Boy

Vanilla Bae at Equal10

MOOD: When this is the only kinda fuck youre gonna get in the rain. lol. 

This is by far the sexiest turtleneck you could ever get here in second life... Vanilla Bae has seriously got you covered here (or uncovered if you prefer lol). You have your 5 steps of stripping all the way to fully nude, and it includes drop on the floor decor (YASSS) and fatpacks with 4 colors made up of 8 packs of 3.
Also The very lovely and supremely talented Paradox Ivory has created a new sim - still under the DOX group called Tokyo Street. While I was running around exploring it I just kept thinking... how did she do this? Every piece of decor is absolutely perfect. If you havent yet check it out, and grab a group tag so you'll be able to rez there too! 

Vanilla Bae: Annie Sweater at Equal10
*TurtleneckSweater - 5 strip steps + Fully nude + drop on floor decor
PG & Materials option included*

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Villena: Black Thong

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Sintiklia: Xia Hair

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Pose: SAPA - Bento Pose 9.1

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Sim & Scene: Tokyo Street by Paradox Ivory