The Greatest View

Narcisse and Imitation at AnyBODY

Silverchair: The Greatest View

I LOVE Everything Narcisse does... and I love seeing all the new things she comes up with, she is seriously one Amazing Talented Lady!  Also I gotta say... I am pretty sure this dress is now my absolute favorite dress ever in SL... Its so sassy and sexayyy and I mean, I'm probably a little biased but that's a pretty damn awesome name too! ;-) I'm In Loooooveee, go grab you a lil' bit 'a Hunnie at the Main Store! ♥

Narcisse: Hunnie Cut Out Dress

Lisa Walker Makeup: Especial Edition Eyeshadow 
* 3pk - $100L only at Main Store*

Lisa Walker Makeup: Sweet Peachy Gloss

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Doux: Shakiria - Naturals

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Avaway: Beatrith Pearl Necklace
*Rigged for Maitreya & unrigged version incl*

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Imitation: Lights Backdrop & Gemma Pose Pack

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