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Genus Project Head

Song: Jealous Girlfriends - Something in the water

Finalllyy I've found my new look and I am Dyyinggggg ♥ ♥ ♥

By Far... This is my absolute favorite head... Hands Down. The look, the capabilities, super exceeds those of any heads I have personally used thus far in all my time in SL. I am an admitted head addict (or are we all lol)... I want them all, I neeed to have them. I became a head addict because I was on a quest to find what I think is the best head that provided all of the qualities I like... such as the best head for personalization... the ability  to have many different looks without them all looking similar... Sheen, Options (and this head comes with soo many options that its crazy-- No, not like your psycho ex girl crazy... more like extra ice cream Good Crazy! lol). Honestly, I feel like I can shove all my other ones into a closet and pray I never need to open it for fear of the avalanche that would come cascading at me.... roflmaoo ok, maybe I'm being a little bit over-dramatic here, but still!

There are more and more skins, and makeup being made for all this Amazingness too, so you can bet there will be a wide assortment of those options to look forward to! The creators at the Genus Project are on top of their game and they are working hard to create a quality piece that we will all be sure to fall in love with. I cannot wait to see all that is in store once they are finished... and I am sure you can't either! Be excited... Be patient... It will be worth it. ♥

A BIG BIG BIGGG Heartfelt Thank you to ALL of the Amazing Creators at The Genus Project & To allll of the Amazing Creators who are making Appliers for it, It is all soo beautiful! ♥

***Check out a running list of Brands who have created Appliers for this head Here.

Head & Eyes: Genus Project Bento Head

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Skin: Nonnative Faces - Seiko (summer version)

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DOUX: Gabryela Hairstyle - Brunettes

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