Contour & Conquer

L.W Makeup Artist | Justice at Cosmopolitan | Colivati Beauty (+quick vid below)

Head: Genus Project
*This is the Beta version of the Genus Head. Early access to get the beta head is closed, but the full release will be coming soon!* *For a running list of  makers for this head click here*

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Face & Body Skin: Atelier Pepe - Alyssa - in Sandy

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L.W Makeup Artist: Glossie Liquid #4
For Genus Project Head

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Mandala: LUCK Earrings - gold

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Justice: Cristal Halter - gold
*Exclusive item for Event!*

DOUX: Cardi Hairstyle - Brunettes

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Colivati Beauty: Bento Beuty Blender - Contour 1 (Bento 3)  (static and animation available)

Bento 1 - Beauty blender held static animation. 

Bento 2 - Beauty blender pressed against the cheek bones static animation

Bento 3 - Beauty blender holding animation, loops into contouring the cheek bones, jawline and forehead. then to holding the beauty blender again. 


Beauty Blender Contour sponge marks 1, 2 and clean.