Happy Mother's Day!!! ♥

                                                  A Lawrence Pryce Tribute Challenge


When I was young my mom was a hard working single mother, as a waitress. We didn't have very much money so she would work long grueling hours. Her whole being was always sore from the constant demands of her job. I remember our apartment had green shag carpet, long after the shag fad had run its course. She took all the extra hours she could, so that she could stash money away for my birthday and christmas, for easter and all of the holidays. She always gave me a huge holiday with tons of presents... always being involved, making cake for my birthday... you'd never have guessed we were poor.

     Growing up, her kind eyes were always so full of light and you could hear her loud, belly laughs from a mile away. Yes, we might have been poor... but she never let me realize that we were. I would spend so much time going to her job with her hanging out at the Italian restaurant she practically lived at, making friends with all of her co-workers who I thought of as family. There were so many late night drives back home or so early it was still dark out drives that even now those orange glowing street lamps are a comforting feel to me.

      She worked, and she worked, and she worked, and she worked... and finally it paid off... she got a comftorble life and I am so proud of how far she went for herself. We have been through so much sadness and so much happiness together, losses and gains... we still tell the same silly jokes and laugh our asses off all of the time. She's just as amazing of a grandmother to my daughter as she was as a mom to me. She's not only my mom though, she's my best friend. She's been there for everything and I know she will always be there for anything.

     Thanks mom... I couldn't have asked for a more wonderful one than you. ♥ Love your moms, make sure to talk to them and visit them, call them and involve them... they won't be here forever! I'm Thankful my mom is still here and I wanna always make sure she knows how much she is loved and appreciated.

                                                       Happy Mother's Day, Maahhhh!!! ♥ I Love You! ♥