Feelin' Hella Good

Narcisse | FaMESHed |

The waves keep on crashing on me for some reason
But your love keeps on coming like a thunder bolt
Come here a little closer
Cause I wanna see you baby real close up
You got me feelin' hella good
So let's just keep on dancin'
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancin'
The performers deserving of standing ovations
And who would have thought it'd be the two of us
So don't wake me if I'm dreamin'
Cause I'm in the mood come on and give it up.
You got me feelin' hella good
So let's just keep on dancin'
You hold me like you should
So I'm gonna keep on dancin'

So I got this whole look at FaMESHed... ugh really... it's an amazing round... Narcisse rocked it with this edgy, cool dress. Casual but sexy and fun too! Another brilliant creation! ♥
Anddd If you've been looking for some cool new hair... Modulus usually specializes in Mens Hair but is now starting to add hair for the ladies as well! Yay for us!!! hahaha This is gorgeous hair that is realistically textured. I mean, I have been waiting forever for more hair like this so to say I am excited is an understatement! Wooo! make sure to keep watching for more! 

This makes me feel Hella Good & It'll make you feel hella good too! ♥ :-D haha

Ok... I gotta get into something that completely did Not make me feel Hella Good though... actually, it broke my heart today. I felt so extremely gutted... like someone tore out all of my insides, including my heart and murdered it right in front of me. I'm not even exaggerating! lol. The night before Id spent so much time getting about 4 or 5 blog sets done for that many different blog posts... so each one had about 50 pictures stored. So about 250 pictures. Well to make a long story short I accidentally deleted a file that had almost all of my SL pictures and for sure ALL of my blog post pictures including all of those recent ones! :-O Gone. Forever. :-( I was so proud of those pictures too that I hadn't even gotten to go through yet and work on and turn into posts. But Shit Happens... right?? :-D lolll just gotta say DAMN IT!! Take a deep breath, and start again. So I did and all is well. but my heart did hurt for a minute. lol.

It was so sweet and really touching the amount of friends that tried to help or even just tried to help make me feel better. Thank you all so much for that, I appreciate you.  I send you allll my hugsssss!!! ♥ Now go to FaMESHed and be warned... it's exceptionally amazeee this round!! ♥

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