Shades of blue

Narcisse - Monthly Midnight Madness

Here, where the sky's falling
I'm covered in blue
I'm running and I'm crawling
Fighting for you
When the rain stops
Then, darling, what will I do
And I know I go all in
But why do I

You give me a reason
Something to believe in
I know, I know, I know
You give me a meaning
Something I can breathe in
I know, I know, I know
It's a bittersweet feeling
Longing and I'm leaving
I go, I go, I go
But I wish I was there with you
Oh, I wish I was there with you

There's a crack in my window
A bird in my room
Angels all over
That watch over you
When I'm walking on water
All my dreams have come true
Still, nothing means nothing
Without you, you

This super glam bodysuit as well as another awesome outfit is available from Narcisse for this months round of MMM! The event starts March 9h and only lasts through the weekend! For a gift guide and more info on the event, check out the MMM page Here.  Narcisse group members get a 50% discount for last chance sales, and she is also offering a heavily discounted HUD for the set with 6 colors for each outfit! For more info take a peek at Narcisse's blog!

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