Dreams are forever

The Annex @ We <3 RP

She was a fierce dreamer
Who lived inside her head
Her mind would wonder to such paths
So few knew how to tread.
She felt the magic in her heart
It traveled to her mind
That is when she realized
The adventure she would find.
She dreamt up worlds of madness
And magic and wonder too
With just a little imagination
There was so much to do.
She turned the sky into the ocean
And watched the stars fall to the ground
She listened to the mermaids sing
Their sweet forgiving sound.

Then she had decided
She would learn just how to fly
She wouldn't rest until
She saw life from way up high
She flew straight through the ocean
She walked the sparkling sky
She swam inside the soft silk clouds
And that was when she'd sigh.

If the world was so adventurous
From inside of her head
Imagine how much more she'd see
If she lived her life instead.


- The Details -

Dress: The Annex - Antonia Dress - Warm |  We<3RP | Main Store | MP

Hair: Sintiklia - Xia - | Main Store |

Flower Crown: Ariskea - [FlowerChild] Babybreath Rose Crown | Arcade | Main Store |

Skin: Fiore - Lua SPF 25 - | Skin Fair | Main Store |

Pose: Apple Spice - Ballet pose 015 | MP |

Sim Credit: Mystical Fae Forest