Life is a dream - welcome to the year 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I realize it's almost a week after the fact... I meant to post much sooner but I just became exhausted with all the holidays and everything that goes with it them in RL. So, Im posting now ~

I rang in the New Year's with my kiddo and that's all I really need in RL, ever. It was nice and we had a lot of fun together... we always do. However, I was in SL just before, trying to get a family picture with my Sisters! There are 7 of us, (but due to time zones we were missing one ( ♥ you my Twinnie) so as you can imagine a bunch of ladies trying to get everything perfect... in between crashes, lags, tons of foolery and silliness we were able to get a few between us (Mine was the one that completely bombed lol). Even my Sister Erin's boyfriend was able to jump in a pic with us! -- However me being the crazy that I am, had the 'remove all avi's except friends' button turned on, so the whole time I was wondering 'why the gap?' 'why doesnt someone just go get in that spot'... nonetheless I trudged on and only managed to be able to capture one measly punk of a pic. LOL. But that's what it's about right there, isn't it? We all love having these perfect little works of art showcasing our beauty and favorite features, our talents and what we want to show of ourselves... but we tend to forget sometimes, its not about the way the picture looks in the end, it's more about the beauty of the memories that come attached to them, telling the story of your life and those you choose to have in it. Even in a perfect world, sometimes the most perfect things aren't perfect at all.

I feel so blessed this year, all of the things I've learned in the past few years have all accumulated... finally, making me feel like I have come out a stronger and better person for it. I have an amazing SL family who loves eachother, supports eachother, and really truly cares for eachother. I am so very thankful for each and every Sister I have and I love them all so very much. SL wouldnt be anything without these amazing gorgeous ladies. Junie, Beth, Wiccanrose, Teagan, Erin, Drauxanna... ILY! ♥

To all my followers, readers, friends, & family... I wish you all a year that builds you up in positivity, that helps you heal and grow in strength. I wish for you nothing but the best... This is Your Year, grab that bitch by the balls! :-* ♥ Happy 2018.

I'll post it below the details so you can see...and even the gaping gap that is the invisible Thor. Sorry I accidentally shafted you, basically-bro-in-law :-)

The Details from my Solo NYE photo:

Dress: Justice - Gaia Dress - red with Sequins & leg chain | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Tram - G1025 - Hud C | Main Store |

Rings: Yummy - Stella Rings - | Main Store |

Head: CATWA - Uma - | Main Store |

Wine glass prop - ChicChica - LastBottleIsOver | Main Store |

                                   ♥ 2018 family photo gone wrong lmaooo love you sissy's! ♥