All About That Bento... Vista Animations New Bento Head - LIA

It's all about that bento, bout that bento... Heads that is... Lol.

I was lucky enough to get a chance to test out the New Bento Head - LIA - by Vista, which is still in Beta mode. Seriously, if you have seen me post anywhere you will probably learn quickly that I excite easily lol It's just how I am, and I am always - or try to be - very respectful and appreciative... and so you can just imagine how stoked I was to get to check this new shiny sparkly out! :-D

So, when I was looking through the folder, I was really surprised to see how many different shapes were offered! 7 Deadly Skins & YsYs are also a part of this bento head and it comes with skin choices built into the hud from these creators as well as Avenge. There is sure to be a shape in there that fits any taste. And if not, of course that's an easy fix to tweak to fit your tastes.

       Here's everything that comes in the folder:

As you can see I chose the 7 Deadly skins shape. For this post, I did not personalize the bento head shape or the body shape. This is how it looks straight from the package, and I'll say I was really impressed at how ready to wear this is.

This head is Great for everybody, and I feel like it is especially perfect for those newcomer's to bento because it comes already packed with everything you need to get a ton of different looks. (and that ease of use!) But I'll say it again... Perfect for Everyone.

*Beauty Hud*

This hud includes lots of different eyeshadows, lipsticks, skin presets by 3 different skin creators (YS&YS, Avenge, & 7 Deadly Skins). Here, I'm wearing the 7 Deadly Skins, skin. I'm really loving all of the options... You can change the color of your gums, control the glossiness and bumpiness of your eyes, and in the animations you are able to focus ur eyes to any particular spot. This is a must if you like to take photos, so it's a huge plus!

 (Raw In-World Shot - With Ultra Settings - It also looks very nice on High Settings)

It comes with a slew of animations, that you can play and also pause (Another big plus!) I mean seriously It's pretty packed, I was again, really surprised by this. And I've also read that more makeup options will be added, etc.


These animations are pretty smooth. and I think they are my favorite out of any other heads I have tried before, because I personally think they just look so damn good! lol Anyways check out the video to see the Lick Lips anim in action.

Here's a few photos to get an idea of how the body and face shape look together. The last photo was taken on high settings, while the first 2 were taken on ultra.

And of course, what would this post be without a few pics of the animations?? lol ♥

                               (Glad)                                          (Smile I)                                           (Shrug)

                               (Kiss Wink)                                      (Kiss)                                          (Surprised)

I will be continuing to use this head and see if any kinks pop up here and there that need to be worked out, but so far so good. I haven't noticed any problems! I'm betting this is gonna be one of those things that comes out Amaze hot off the press. I'll play around with the shapes and everything too and will definitley update with what I come up with!

The Other Details:

Head: Vista Animations Bento Head - Lia -  | Main Store | Release Date - Sometime within the next week

Tattoo: .Façade. - Cryptic - @Hipster Mens Event ('til the 27th) | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Little Bones. - Elle - The Blend | Main Store |

Top: Pseudo - Liselle Top - Blue

Pants: Evani - Bubble Leggins - @ Kustom 9 {LM}