I see you with my eyes, with my name in your eyes...

I see you over there, my Perfect Bae... with my name in your eyes. We can be everything, one in the same! I'll just stand here lookin all suave, leanin' against my Ex Bae. Pizza. Though this is just a stand in... because ex Pizza Bae was the actual pie. This is just a reminder of what once was... Pizza bae. Anyways, I've gotten pizza bae out of my life for good. At least I think, for now. I mean imma try real hard. But now its all about you, plastic bae. So imma just stand here like this and stare at you til you wake up from the floor where I left you after I took you out of your box... I mean bed. I meannnn.. I know you were asleep, which was *rude* of me I guess.. but, I mean come on, I made you a surprise. So Imma wait.

Good Morning Perfect Bae!!! Come over here and wave to the camera... see all that I made for you?! I wanna show my fams I gots me a new man!!!! See Sissie's and Bro!! He is so polite wavin hi and shit to you! Its not like I placed him there and put his hand up to make him wave or anything... haha Anywayss, ...Plastic Bae... Feast ur eyes on all this deliciousness, and food.. I made all of this for you, even my shirt! How you like booboo? Ok now I know this seems sudden.. I didn't even ask you if you and that other plastic girl were still a thing but screw it... I got the chapel ready, and your tux picked out... I know our future kids names... and...

Woah wait what?!?! What you doin plastic bae? you turnin to get a better look or... you tryina...

Ohhhhh No you dont plastic bae!!!! Imma get you... You are plastic, how the hell you gonna be tryina run awa.... I mean hahah I'm just kiddin fams, he is just playinn.

***Special Thank you to my friend, Zakura Fallen for gifting me this awesome David Bowie Shirt*** Looove! <3 Kind gestures always grab my heart and she is just such an all around sweet heart & awesome person. [Watch for her future blog link]

The Details: {Taxi to Collabor88: HERE}

Head: Lelutka - Chloe
Hair: Stealthic - Vapor - Ombres
Shades: NOMAD // Techno Shades @ Collabor
Shirt: M.Birdie / I Luv Julie! Top4 - Maitreya - Gacha Item
Pants: Tetra - Skinny Zip Capris - White

Plastic Doll - CURELESS [+] - Plastic Boyfriend Kenny @ Collabor
Pizza - [Cubic Cherry] - Pizza Float - Classic @ Collabor
Fast food items - +Half-Deer+ - Fast food clutter
Bunny Clock - .random.Matter. - Kawaii Kitchen - Bunny Time [Mint]
Mixing Bowl - *Jenna*Frosting Bowl
Kitchen set up - dust bunny - small spaces kitchen
(second and last pic bkgrnd deets)

(First pic background deets)
Couch - Cheeky Pea - Hello Vegas - Rose Gold Corner Sofa
Cabinet - *Jessi* - Cabinet
Record Player - The Emporium - Retro Record Player
Pentagram - Spellbound - willow pentagram