Fetish Fair 2017... 2nd Edition

                              †  Fetish Fair 2017 
                                                                       2nd Edition  💋 1pm -slt- 8/4

                                                  Song:  Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To

(I like you a lot)

Puttin' music on while I'm watchin' the boys

(So I do what you want)

Singin soft grunge just to soak up the noise

(Blue Ribbons on ice)

Playing their guitars
only one of my toys

('Cause I like you a lot)

No holds barred, I've been sent to destroy


So I was so excited, of course, that it's that time again... Time for lots of fun sinful pleasures... ALL in one spot. You can never be sure how any event will be each time... but this is one of those ones that you are pretty sure... mostly sure, and realllly hope that it's gonna be awesome every time. I had seen a few designer sneak peek's so I was super excited to get into the fair and dig into the whole sim as if I were fist deep in a golden oyster with the most expensive pearls dripping down my arms... and honestly... I truly think this was an amazing round with tons of things that seemed original and very creative to me. This is one thing I really look for when I go to events, I wanna see things that make me feel like... I need them right there and then because I may never find it again type things. Moda was one of these brands that delivered just that... her boots... these boots... These are my most favorite boots ever right now, and I never want to take them off. Get ready dolls & gents because this one's a gem that you're definitley gonna wanna ride.

More photos to come tomorrow but for now I've also added another photo of one of my fetish fair wares from ducknipple... its super casual... its slinky... its trashy. I love it.

The Details:

Opening Photo: FOXCITY. Wild & Free Bento - Pose # 5 (also pictured with Paperdolls - White tee  Panties & shirt set in white @ fetish fair... fair warning it actually looks grey but no biggie here!)
2nd Photo: FOXCITY. Night Owl w/cigarette - Pose #4
3rd Photo: FOXCITY. Night Owl w/cigarette - Pose #6

Hair: Little Bones. - Elle - The Blend
Outfit: Ducknipple - Tank, bra, & panties. @ Fetish Fair
Boots: [MODA] - Payne Mistress Platforms w/ankle locks  - Fatpack @ Fetish Fair
                                                                 (best ankle locks ever, might I add!)

Ears: Swallow - Drop Ears w/ hud  | Main Store |
Tattoo: .Absence. - Vitality - Unisex

Sim Credit: Teqi's LoungeElysion