Do You Remember When We Were Butterflies?

Do you remember when we'd stretch our 
arms and say that we could fly?

We'd patter our hands and stand on our
toes, gentle breezes whirling by.

Do you remember the sounds and 
thick sweet air, that kept us wrapped up tight?

All those hopes, and dreams, and things 
gone by, with eyes so calm and bright...

It isn't the same because your gone, your 
heart's a part of mine

But I think of our faces, those silly embraces...          
and now your spirit shines

                                  ...I gather my strength, put my arms out at length...                                      
and I remember when we were butterflies.

("Do you remember when we were butterflies" by Hunnie Von Munster)

The Details

Pose: Lil'Bug Poses - Butterflys Pose #1 @ Hashtag Event July 15. (Pose set poster shown below.)
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Hair: Magika - Sugar - Hud 01
Outfit: Gizza - Urban Princess - Mint
Accessory: [ kunst ] - vintage cigarette & holder

Sim Credit: Elysion

                           Lil' Bug Butterfly Dances - 3 Poses available @ Hashtag Event beginning July 15th.