Darkness Hums

                                             YouTube: 'In The Woods Somewhere' Hozier

I have been away from my blog, photos, flickr, was not on SL much for a little while, and I am sorry I gave no explanation. I just couldn't bring myself to do anything. You see, I have a beautiful beloved family member. He has 4 paws, and colors of fawn and white with the biggest most beautiful eyes, you have ever seen. With a soul as gentle and loving as a soft breeze lightly kissing wildflowers. He is also my best friend and my baby boy. He waits for me to go to bed and he usually wont get up unless I do. He is big and stout such a handsome looking beast. He sits on my feet just to be closer to me, and he knows he is loved, so loved. And that he is. He is a boxer I rescued and adopted and has the most amazing presence I've ever known.  He knows I am here and I am protecting him just as he is protecting me. But I can only protect him so much. I found out he has cancer and now the thoughts I had of seeing him with me for more years to come has been replaced with hopes of him being with me for at least a few more. I feel such sadness when I look into his big beautiful window eyes, when he is happy... and especially when he refuses to not be near me... because I know that sometime, he will no longer be and there isnt anything I can do this time to save him or protect him. I will make sure he has as much fun as possible in the time he has left, I will make sure he feels loved even more than he already does. I am glad that he doesnt realize this part in the cycle of life at this moment. But it does'nt hurt any less. His name is Tank and he came to me after I had just gone through the worst events of my life, and he has been there caring, loving, giving, and he still is for now and I know even after... his spirit will always be. I am so thankful for him, and I am trying not to dwell on it. But it's hard for me. I say I rescued him, but really he rescued me.

Here is, my big sweet boy, trying to keep my thoughts positive. He is not just a dog. He is way more than that and he is my family and will be for always. ♥

The Details:

Hair: Little Bones. - Estine (Collabor8 June)
Shirt: Ison - Austurias Shirt - Black (Collabor8 June)
Jeans: Addams - Real worn out jeans - Ocean
Shoes: Ingenue - Lisbet Heels (Collabor8 June)

Pose: :LW: Poses - The Rose

Sim: La Vie