"You're beautiful and sick like me"

"Is it sick of me
To want you crawling on your knees?
Is it sick to say
I want you biting down on me?

Are you sick like me?

Am I beautiful
As I tear you to pieces?
Am I beautiful?
Even at my ugliest, you always say

I'm beautiful
As you tear me to pieces
You are beautiful
Even at your ugliest, I always say

You're beautiful and sick like me"

- Sick like me {In this moment}

The Details: All @ The Coven Event

Outfit: *katat0nik* - Nurse Apron Dress w/ Nurse hat
Pasties: *katat0nik* - Cream Pasties w/ Cherries
Mask: *katat0nik* - Intruder Mask - Smile {Gacha}
Gloves: *katat0nik* - Bento Ruffle Skeleton Gloves
Accessories: *katat0nik* - Death's Head - Moth Swarm {Gacha}
Pose: :Luanes World: Poses - The sexiest thing

What can I say? I am a *HUUUGE* katat0nik fan, and as usual, they did not disappoint!  ♥  xoxo

Sim Credit: Ironwood Hills