On Today's Episode of "Hammin' it up Hamsy Style"...

Ok so me and Hams are on vacay... at Booty Paradise Beach... and I was showing him the waves for the first time. Don't mind his face... lmao. I explained to him that nooo, I didn't have a mini surf board for him just yet.   I am pretty sure he enjoyed the time spent there soon after we went and had some lunch at the tables and he enjoyed mini hamster size burritos and he even got a thimble of mango juice... Had to remind him though... *Paceee urself Hams... I know we are on vacation but...*

Stay tuned for more adventures throughout the month of me and hams...  "Hammin it up hamsystyle". (That was his idea... he basically forced me to put that, so don't blame me!) :-D

*In Loving Memory of Beowulf - Sadly the creator of these poses sweet hamster Beowulf passed away. In his honor she has made the 'My Hamster Pose' Set... Free @ her Main Store IW, (no group tag needed) near an altar she has set up for his remembrance. It is set on MP for $1L. Please feel free to tag Kelpie Snowbear in any pics done with this pose set ~*

Let's see the adventures you and your new pet hamster go on :-)) ♥ ♥

The Details:
Pose - :North Moon: My Hamster Pose Set - Pose #2 | MainStore | MP |
Sunglasses - Glamistry - Sunglasses PU2003 - {Sold only on the MP Store}  | MainStore | MP |
Bikini Top - [Cynful] - Chain Bikini - Weed Lead White
Tattoo - .Identity. Body Shop - Drowned Hope @ Dark Style Fair
Hair - Little Bones - Elle - The Blend pack