Sanity calms but Madness is much more Interesting...

"If I had a world of my own, Everything would be nonsense.
Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be 
what it isn't.

And Contrary wise, what is wouldn't be. And what it would'nt be
It would. You see?" - LC

I, like so many other millions of people in the world Love, love, love... and one more time Love Alice in the wonderland. I've loved it since I was a little girl and it seemed like a fun and new exciting world. To be Alice to meet new little impossible friends... flowers as friends and friends as flowers, caterpillars who smoke poetry at you impeccably arriving at just the right time in just the right places. As I got older, my love for Alice grew and I began to find new meanings and new inspirations and new hope... even though it went from childhood awe to looking deeper as I got older and seeing how it's meanings can change and grow darker along with the darkest parts of your life, twisting and somehow fitting even the worst of lives unimaginable scenarios. It's always been one of those most comfortable and thought provoking things, to be able to read the twisted and nonsensicle-ness of this tale and say ah yes... but there never really was just one Alice, was there? She is made up of the many Alices in our lives and our hearts. You are Alice, just as I am Alice.

I wasn't exactly sure what my blog post was going to be about today and then I checked Whole Wheat's sim just to clear my mind. I was happy and surprised to see that they now have a newer addition called 'Writer's Block'. From my point of view from the office of Lewis Carroll... writing this manifesto, brilliantly, letting this story consume him.. papers flying everywhere around his desk as you see ahead the room turns from a room to Wonderland... I imagine it must have been a site similar to his reality as you step into his mind... from the desk where his pen painted the picture that has become a part of us all.

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