"Music gives a Soul to the Universe, Wings to the mind, Flight to the imagination, and Life to everything." -Plato

My thoughts on Shoetopia are below the credits, but first I really had to talk Tattoos for a minute!

Yuuss, because this tattoo by .Façade. breathes air into my soul and gives me Slife!!! Seriously ya'll, The Creator is super talented, and every tattoo looks flawless, seemless, and well just... bad ass as hell! It comes with a hud with varying body types and you can choose either the faded or fresh look. If something needs to be dealt with or you have questions, the creator/owner, Jules Solano, is extremely friendly, caring, and will always get back with you right away. The top knotch design work, look & fit, and amazing customer service are exactly what you can expect when you mosey into their shop to get some work done.~

Tattoo: .Façade. - In Flight | Main Store | MP |

Hair: Lamb - Cat Rider - Ombre Pack
Eye Makeup: Suicidal Unborn - Orielle
Lipgloss: CerberusXing - Berry Lipstick Set
Bikini: [Cynful] Clothing & Co. - Chain Bikini Set - White with Marijuana leaves
Poses: Focus Poses - Peace Set - #3, #4, #7

Sim: In the heart of the sea

Ok.. .SOOOO... Shoetopia... What did you all think about this event? I'm sure there were a lot of shoes there that were appealing to some... but for me I was feeling kinda... meh. When there is an event that happens once a year, to me that is one of the biggest, and most main events. So I absolutely haaave to go because I am hoping to find new creations and new releases that you don't just see when you log into places like say... the MP. I like seeing different styles, and things that fit all or most body types as well. So I guess you can say I was pretty underwhelmed to say the least and only bought a pair or two of shoes when normally i'd go all out and a main event. Now, I'm not trying to say anything negative either. I know the creators work hard on their creations, and they are all talented designers... (I'd love to see what a pair of shoes I tried to make would look like. LMAOOOO let's not even go there! hahahah) ... and they released what they felt was good for their brand, I'm sure.

Howevaaa, Personally, just between us ;-)... I just felt like everything was sooo very similar, and similar to things that can already be purchased now. I didn't get that NEW Buzzy feeling that comes from seeing things completely different than whats already out there. And that excitement of being one of the first to get your hands on a brand new product not yet released in store (and not so similar to others), that you could just die for, just wasnt all there for me... & to me that's what a main event is all about. Oohh well though, there's always next years event! XD

How did you feel about shoetopia? Loved it? Mehhh'd it? Bought the whole event out??! lol ♥