Are you ready for your reading?

Welcome to my table... it's the nicest of sorts. It holds dear my candles, and sage, and lover's rose quartz. Come to me now and I will tell you of all... a world full of mysteries sure to enthrall. About visions, and sightings, and mystical realms... to help place you at your destiny's helm. Do not worry for those that aghast... I will only tell you of good, a helpful precast. With regards to new love, this I foresee... Merry we part & blessed you be.


Meh. Wall Tapestry - :North Moon: - Alone in the Universe Event & Hunt. {Taxi}
*Event takes place from March1st - March 31st

Pose: :North Moon: Wonder Pose #4
Hair: Tableau Vivant - Giselle add-on (Blondes) - Kustom9 Event
Hair Base: ItGirls - French Braid Catwa Applier
Outfit: LiVid - Sanderson Sisters Coat - Red
Free Standing Candles: Cluster of Candles - Original Version - Pablo Kolcci Store
Table: LiVid: Divination Table